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Why Build With Us?

Join India’s biggest mixed reality company, Jio Tesseract in their journey to
disrupt the global mixed reality market.

What's in it for the developers?

20 Million Households

Make your content accessible to India's
largest captive user base.

16 Million Enterprises

Help Businesses improve productvity
through immersive learning and remote

Mixed Reality Appstore

Publish and monetize your content on India's
biggest Mixed Reality Marketplace.

Developer Friendly
Unity SDK

Want to port your existing Unity projects
into AR? Or make a new one? Using our
Unity plugin. you can easily deploy your
next MR application.

Holographic Prototyping
Made Easy

Reduce the time from concept to
implementation and deployment. With our
technology you can get your MR experience
deployed with minutes.

Robust Developer
Support Team

We have a full-fledged support team to help
you thrash out your idea, provide you with the
required resources and technical support to get you started.

MR Cloud

Real magic comes when multiple people
can visualize, interact and collaborate on the
same hologram at the same time. With our
in-built offline/online cloud service you can
make any experience collaborative and host
your content over the MR Cloud.

Project Opportunities

Get an opportunity to build MR applications
and experiences for Reliance Group companies
across industries such as Oil & Gas, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing & Engineering, Media &
Entertainment, Healthcare, Sports and Gaming.

Developer Grants
and Funding

Have an interesting concept or application
idea? Share with us and we will support you
to make your idea a reality.

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Next AR/VR Killer App?

Enroll now to get your Developer Kit and learn how you can grow
and monetize your content.

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Your Mixed Reality Journey

Here's how you can leverage our massive user-base.

Move From Ideation
to Experience

  • Learn

  • Develop

and take your Experience
to Customers

  • Publish

  • Monetize

Applications on Jio Tesseract
Mixed Reality Platform

Don't just tell your story. Make audience a part of your narrative by engaging them with
high-definition content and enabling them to dive into your story with super - realistic visuals.

Are you passionate about transforming the education sector? Identify innovative ways for students
to learn through direct experience and boost their engagement in the learning activity.

Make shopping an authentic experience by bringing together online and offline shopping experiences
with realistic views of how products will look or fit.

Immerse players into a mixed reality world where they can personally interact with their digital
environment through a first-person perspective.

Leverage immersive learning and build productivity applications for enterprises.

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